“Where do we start and who do we go to?”

Aims & Content

Knowing who your stakeholders are is a vital element of public engagement at all levels. It is the starting point for any engagement activity and invaluable in the on going process.

This seminar will share with participants the stakeholder analysis tool with particular reference to citizen and community engagement. This is a very practical session with opportunities for you to begin your own stakeholder map or to refresh an existing one.

Following this seminar it is hoped you will be equipped with this new skill and tool so that your engagement is more meaningful and focused.


2.5 hours

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to...

  • Identify who your stakeholders are - there are more than you think!
  • Recognise how important and influential they are - who are your killer stakeholders?
  • Undertstand how best to engage with them - you'll discover gifts you never knew you had!

Who this seminar is for

  • Public and Third Sector managers & officers with responsibility for consultation & engagement in all service areas.
  • Local Health Boards with responsibility for Stakeholder Reference Groups.
  • Staff of Regulatory bodies who are committed to engaging with the public.

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