This course, delivered in collaboration with the Wales Participatory Budgeting (PB) Unit, will provide participants with the practical knowledge and tools to recommend participatory budgeting exercises with the local community/service users, for support from the Wales PB Unit. With an emphasis on workshops and real-life examples and good practice, this is an exciting course for any organisation interested in involving their communities in making effective decisions on their spending priorities.


1 day

Learning aim

The course aims to provide participants with the knowledge, understanding and awareness of the concepts of participatory budgeting to be able to initiate a wide range of PB projects in their communities, with the support of the Wales PB Unit.

Learning objectives

  • Provide information about the history and context of participatory budgeting in the UK and Wales
  • Consider the values, standards and principles of participatory budgeting
  • Provide an opportunity to develop practical skills

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define participatory budgeting
  • Discuss the values, standards and principles of participatory budgeting
  • Describe the benefits of participatory budgeting to the community and to their local government.
  • Understand various participatory budgeting models
  • Appreciate the flexibility and benefits of participatory budgeting and relevance to communities in Wales
  • Discuss opportunities for participatory budgeting in Wales, support and positioning in Wales
  • Understand the role of the Wales PB Unit and linkage with the UK PB Unit
  • Some insights into engaging communities effectively
  • Explore models for participatory budgeting pilot projects
  • Understand how to evaluate participatory budgeting project outcomes
  • Identify ways to handle potential disappointments resulting from unsuccessful community / residents' project proposals.
  • Identify resources needed for effective participatory budgeting within communities

Who this course is for

Managers and frontline staff in public service organisations who want to involve communities in participatory budgeting projects.

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