To outline different methodologies for the practical implementation of Time 4 Young People


1 day


Person to agency timebanking has become a well evidenced and recognised resource in Wales within a relatively short time frame. The New Economics Foundation in "The New Wealth of Time: How Timebanking helps people build better public services" evidences that person to agency timebanking is a cost effective and high impact method of engaging 'people as a resource to co-produce services'. Timebanking has had a dramatic impact in engaging young people as positive contributors to their communities in areas suffering from high levels of disengagement and anti-social behaviour. Many of these young people passively attend youth services, but are difficult to actively engage. This 1-day session outlines different methodologies for the practical implementation of Time 4 Young People enabling youth services to successfully and actively engage young people into constructive patterns of behaviour.

Learning outcomes

By attending this course you will be able to ….

  • Move youth work out of closed youth club environments: promote inclusion
  • Increase levels of membership and participation: engage collective action

Outcomes for young people

  • Builds a positive image of young people: young people feel more valued
  • Engages young people in community projects: develops life skills and confidence
  • Gives young people responsibility: assists transition into adulthood

Outcomes for communities

  • Builds new relationships and social networks and social networks: creating respect and trust
  • Young people become active citizens: lowering levels of anti-social behaviour
  • Improves the environment: increases the feeling of ownership and pride

Who is this course for?

Organisations working with young people who wish to develop Timebanking opportunities.

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