For participants to explore how they could use social media within their own organisation to engage with service users and communities.


1 day


Participants will explore the use of social media as tools for citizen, community and service user engagement. This course will enable participants to explore and identify opportunities for using e-participation and social networking technology within their area of work. Participants will evaluate methods of e-participation and social networking; identifying opportunities and limitations. With a focus on current technologies and relevance within Wales, this participative course will draw on participant's experiences, case studies and examples where social media have been used in engagement and participation activities.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Discuss methods for engaging people through use of social media, and identify those that may be relevant to their needs
  • Evaluate methods of e-participation and social networking in relation to their area of work
  • Analyse case studies where e-participation has been used
  • Explore the technology
  • Identify barriers to participation using social media
  • Recognise the needs of different audiences and steps to meet needs
  • Know how to access additional information and resources

Learning objectives

  • To present a range of social media which can be used in participation
  • Present case studies where e-participation has been used
  • Evaluate the opportunities and barriers to using technology in participation
  • Discuss the wider context of social networking and digital inclusion
  • Draw on current technology
  • Draw on relevance within Wales
  • Identify resources needed to implement e-participation

Who is this course for?

Frontline staff and managers looking to develop the use of technology as a method to engage with service users and communities.

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