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This course aims to give participants the skills, knowledge and understanding of graphic recording and graphic facilitation.


2 days (consecutive)


Anna Geyer. New Posibilities


The trainer will provide opportunities for participants to:

  • Practice individually and in small groups, in a safe environment
  • Receive individual and constructive feedback
  • Gain top tips & techniques for producing images at speed.
  • Fine tune listening skills in order to filter relevant information

Both days will afford lots of opportunity to experiment, practise and learn from each other in a fun but safe environment - No artistic talent required!

Learning outcomes

Participants will leave with...

  • Knowledge and skills to develop your own library of images that can be produced at speed;
  • An appreciation of when to use different methods of recording information;
  • Confidence to produce live, accurate graphic records of meetings, discussions and interviews;
  • A useful set of images to reproduce;
  • A reference book, 'Drawn to Communicate' so you can refer back to what you have learned;
  • A starter-pack, so there is no excuse not to practice!

Graphic Facilitation Promo Image

This poster was created by the trainer, Anna.

Who is this course for? 

This course is aimed at anyone who works with groups of people and wants to improve their graphic facilitation and visual note-taking skills.

Additional information

Day 1 - Basic Graphics;

  • Using the pens effectively
  • Handling paper/protecting surfaces
  • Building up a library of images including;
    • Basic lines and shapes
    • Headlining, boxes, arrows
    • Shading
    • Buildings
    • People
    • Transport
    • Useful objects/ Metaphors and icons

Day 2 - Applied Graphics

  • Portraying emotion;
    • Shape
    • Colour
  • Recording stories;
    • Pace
    • Direction/flow
  • Recording group discussions
    • Filtering relevant information to record
  • Using Templates
    • Graphic Facilitation techniques

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