This course will help participants identify the various barriers to involvement, and learn about, explore and share strategies to minimise or overcome these barriers.


1 day


This course will assist workers to identify the various barriers to involvement and explore and share strategies with other professionals to minimise and overcome these barriers. The course will use participative and inclusive methods to engage with issues around exclusion and being seldom heard; participants will examine their own practice and look at ways that they could work more effectively with underrepresented groups. Participants will work systematically through a set of issues to enable them to devise their own strategy for engaging with hard to reach groups. This will be supplemented by examples of good practice and case studies.

Learning outcomes

By attending this course you will be able to …

  • Have understood and practiced a participatory tool to help them identify the most important seldom heard groups they need to engage with
  • Have identified some important barriers to involvement experienced by individuals and communities
  • Have learnt about approaches to engage with seldom heard groups that have worked in other areas
  • Have elaborated key elements of their own strategy to engage with people who are seldom heard

Who is this course for?

For any individuals or organisations who need to engage with those they find are seldom heard (or 'hard to reach').

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