Advanced social media

If you're already using social media to engage with communities and service users but would like to know how to improve your content and reach, get some top tips and new ideas, this session is for you!


For participants to enhance the way they currently use social media to engage with service users and communities.


1 day

Learning objectives

  • Review social media / web 2.0
  • Planning social media into your communications plan and an ideal social media schedule
  • Mitigating risks of using social media
  • Using social media strategically - making the right connections
  • Advanced techniques - using management apps
  • Getting Twitter right
  • Getting Facebook right
  • Using LinkedIn effectively
  • Blogging like a pro
  • Some fun bits (hot new platforms and tools)

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Discuss social media / web 2.0
  • Develop a communications plan including social media and a social media schedule which meets their organisation's needs
  • Implement strategies to mitigate risks of using social media
  • Use social media to make the right connections
  • Utilise management apps to become more efficient
  • Utilise Twitter, Facebook, blogs and LinkedIn effectively

Who this course is for

This session is for practitioners who are already using Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or blogging to engage with the public, and would like to know how to improve their content and reach.

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