These publications have been compiled by Participation Cymru staff and trainers as a suggested reading list for anyone who wants an in-depth perspective on participation and citizen engagement.


Fifty Voices Are Better Than One - Gellideg Foundation Group and Oxfam GB

The Community Planning Handbook by Wates, Nick - Earthscan Publications (2000)

The Livable Neighborhood: About Making life Better on the Street Where You live - Global Action Plan for the Earth (2000)

Working with others: Building trust with communities - the Environment Agency (2009)



Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making by Kaner, Sam - Twelfth Printing (2002)

The Skilled Facilitator by Schwarz, R. - Jossey-Bass (2002)



Democratising engagement - what the UK can learn from international
 by Cornwall, Andrea - Demos (2008)

Participatory Learning and Action - a trainers guide by Pretty, J.N., Guijt, I., Thompson, J. & Scoones, I. - IIED (2002)

Participatory Workshops - A sourcebook of 21 sets of ideas and activities by Chambers, Robert - Earthscan (2002)

Reclaim the State: Experiments in Popular Democracy by Wainwright, Hilary - Verso (2003)



Guidance on involving adult NHS service users and carers by Husband, Helen, Carr, Peter and Jepson, Wayne - Welsh Assembly Government and National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare (2010)

Public Health Practitioner's Public Engagement Toolkit, compiled by Ward, Malcolm - Public Health Wales (2011)



Future Search: An Action Guide to Finding Common Ground in Organizations & Communities by Weisbord, M. & Janoff, S. - Berrett-Koehler (2000)

Open Space Technology: A User's Guide by Owen, Harrison - Berrett-Koehler (1997)

Participation Works! - New Economics Foundation (2001)

Participatory Approaches to Attacking Extreme Poverty: Case Studies Led by the International Movement ATD Fourth World ed. Godinot, Xavier and Wodon, Quentin - World Bank (2006)

Participatory Methods Toolkit: A practitioner's manual by Slocum, Dr. Nikki - King Baudouin Foundation / Flemish Institute for Science and Technology Assessment [viWTA] / United Nations University - Comparative Regional Integration Studies [UNU/CRIS] (2003)



A Citizen's Duty: Voter inequality and the case for compulsory turnout by Keaney, E. and Rogers, B. - Institute for Public Policy Research

Citizen engagement on Welsh homelessness services and legislation by Campbell, Dr. J. A., and Bibbings, J. - Shelter Cymru

Participatory Budgeting in the UK - A toolkit by the Participatory Budgeting Unit (2010)

What men and women want - a practical guide to gender and participation by UK Poverty Programme - Oxfam GB (2004)

Where there is no artist: Development Drawings and How to Use Them by Rohr-Rouendaal,
Petra - Practical Action (2002)


Young People

Breathing Fire Into Participation: The Funky Dragon Guide by Aspinwall, T. & Larkins, C. - Funky Dragon (2002)

Children's Participation- From Tokenism to Citizenship by Hart, Roger - UNICEF International Child Development Centre (1992)

Empowering Children and Young People Training Manual: Promoting Involvement in Decision Making by Treseder, P. - Save the Children (1997)

Measuring the Magic? Researching and Evaluating Young People's
Participation in Public Decision Making
 by Kirby, P and Bryson, S. -Carnegie Young People's Initiative (2002)

Participation Models: A chase through the maze - Citizens, Youth, Online by British Youth Council (2011)

Participation: Spice it up! by Dynamix - Save the Children Fund (2002)

Participation: Young Spice! by Dynamix - Welsh Government (2010)

Participatory budgeting Toolkit - Welsh Government (2012)

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