In this section of the website you can catch up with what happened at previous Participation Cymru network events.


Open Space Technology (October)

Power to Local People in Practice (July)

Community Voice projects in Wales (May)

Free online tools (February)


Tools and techniques (October)

Engaging in changing and challenging times (July)

Co-Production (May)

Public engagement and scrutiny (February)


Accessible information and technology (October)

All Wales Residential: Digital by Default? (June)

New participative tools and techniques (May)

Information sharing and feedback (February)


National Network Event for Public Engagement (December)

Participation Cymru's Evaluation Toolkit (October)

All Wales Residential Network 2012 (June)

Wales Audit Office National study of public engagement (May)

Dealing with difficult behaviour (February)


Evidencing practice (October)

Putting the National Principles into Practice (May)


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