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Click here to download the National Principles and find out how your organisation can endorse the principles.

These Principles are the culmination of a piece of work developed under the guidance of the Participation Cymru's Advisory Panel and in consultation with you. The materials submitted to Participation Cymru as exemplar documents can be downloaded in the 'Other Participation Principles' section and you can download the report that was subsequently submitted to the Welsh Government here We are particularly grateful to TPAS Cymru, a member of our advisory panel who played a prominent role in bringing these Principles to fruition. You can find other principles and standards that informed the principles here.

These are principles and NOT standards. They are an overarching set of principles aimed at Public Service organisations across all sectors in Wales. They aim to sit above any specific standards that you may already be using e.g. Standards for Children and Young People, Social Services Improvement Agency standards and are intended to compliment them. They aim to offer a consistent approach and good standard for public engagement across Wales.

If your organisation completes and returns the declaration of endorsement form to [email protected] you have signed up to these principles and will use them as a guiding document in your public engagement work. A list of organisations who have endorsed the principles can be found here

These principles have to be put into practice in order for them to have the positive impact on people that they are intended to have. All of our training will be based on these principles. if you have an event, AGM, conference that would offer an opportunity to promote these principles then a member of the Participation Cymru would be happy to help with a workshop or presentation. If we are unable to attend then a workshop outline and Power Point presentation can be shared with you to facilitate your own.

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How to endorse the principles

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