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An important aspect of effective engagement with staff, public or service users is facilitation. Our ethos is that 'We work with people and organisations and not for them'. This ensures that staff within organisations are enabled and empowered to be effective facilitators and engagers themselves, thus creating a more sustainable environment for effective engagement and facilitation across Wales.

Participation Cymru can support you with facilitation in the following ways:

Participation Cymru facilitation

The trained Participation Cymru team can offer facilitation of meetings and events across Wales in Welsh and English. Our extensive experience covers facilitation in the following areas:

  • Internal meetings of staff for organisations e.g. change programmes, conflict resolution and negotiation, team building days, planning and visioning meetings.
  • Conference facilitation for large and small groups
  • Review and refreshment of partnerships and networks
  • Public meetings
  • Focus groups for service users and the general public

We have experience of working with a wide variety of organisations across all sectors and at varying levels.

This work forms a part of our bespoke services and quotations for pieces of work can be obtained by contacting us directly.

Action Learning

Action Learning is a form of group learning and sharing that can benefit people within teams, organisations and partnerships. Participation Cymru offers a facilitation service for action learning sets that helps to set up a set and facilitate initial meetings as well as monitoring and evaluating action learning.

We also train people in action learning facilitation. For more details please see our training programme.

Accredited Facilitation Skills course (accredited by Agored Cymru)

In recognition of the fact that facilitation skills are crucial to effective engagement we offer an accredited facilitation skills course for individuals and organisations to enable people to receive the skills and confidence to facilitate in their own areas of work. This course can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • Individuals can book onto the course via our training programme where this course is run on an annual basis
  • Organisations can commission a bespoke training course for a number of members of staff where we come to you. Please contact us for more information.

Accredited Facilitators' Network

You can become a member of the accredited facilitators' network if you have been on the accredited facilitation skills course and received the accreditation. You will automatically be invited to be part of this virtual network and to indicate your level of involvement. There is the opportunity for accredited facilitators to be placed on our facilitators' list of available facilitators across Wales. This is dependent on both you and your organisation's agreement.

Need a facilitator in your area?

The accredited facilitators' network includes a list of available facilitators in your area. These people are recommended by Participation Cymru but not employed by them. Terms and conditions of these facilitators' work will be determined by them and you and would not involve Participation Cymru.

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