The Public Engagement Working Group (PEWG), a multi agency collaboration including the Welsh Government, Participation Cymru, Public Health Wales, Welsh NHS Confederation, WLGA, Wales Audit Office and Cardiff Business School, came together to ensure a coherence of knowledge, skills and approach to delivering and sustaining effective citizen centred design, development and improved delivery of public services across Wales. One of the objectives of the group is to look at linkages to identify new and relevant opportunities for events and or training.

From recent studies of the use of social media in public services and also anecdotal evidence, we know that digital engagement and social media activity is varied across Wales public services. We are also know that social media is increasingly seen as an accessible and value for money way of working for all sectors. In order to address the barriers through skills development, national guidance and direction and more importantly connect organisations those that have "something to share" and those that have "something to learn", we need to have a clearer picture of the issues for both organisations and individuals and the areas we need to consider as part of our remit to address challenges.

An All Wales social media survey was commissioned by PEWG and is being undertaken in partnership with Socitm Wales, Communities 2.0 and digital inclusion, Customer Focus Wales and the Data Unit Wales and is being championed by Councillor Peter Fox, Leader of Monmouthshire County Councillor and WLGA spokesperson for ICT and Digital Inclusion.

This online survey took place between 14th September and 19th October 2012.

The findings from this survey will be used to inform the PEWG's programme of activities and events to support Welsh public services in their use of social media. We will be working with our survey partners Socitm WalesCommunities 2.0 and Customer Focus Wales about how we can align and promote activities to ensure a coherent approach on social media.

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